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Censored at Christmas

Reflections on Being Censored at Christmas

For the first time on a Facebook Group I was censored. Yup, my comments disappeared off the thread with a gentle reprimand from one of the administrators of the group. It was a new feeling, this sensation of not being able to speak freely with other believers about heartfelt issues.

By comparing my email notifications with the comment thread I noticed a couple other comments had disappeared as well. What was so controversial or offensive to warrant censorship?

It was a heartfelt question from a participant on this christian homeschool Facebook group.

“I need to think ‘out loud’. Any families out there that celebrate Christ’s birth at Christmas, but without any of the decorating & fanfare? Santa has not been part of my adult life celebrations, but have been feeling convicted the last few years to leave more traditions behind as they are steeped in pagan traditions, not Christian. Curious how others may celebrate.”

Responses poured in, apparently striking a nerve. Many lovely suggestions were given on how to keep Christ the focus of Christmas. Not surprisingly there were several families who opt out of Christmas. They added their thoughts. Simply. Without judgment. I added mine as well.

“We stopped celebrating Christmas last year and have started celebrating the Biblical Holidays. It has been a real blessing for our family.”

Another mom saw this and bravely posted a question. I say bravely with all sincerity. If you have ever told anyone that you are no longer celebrating Christmas, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, just imagine for a moment that you did. Imagine the shocked look, the horror, the gasps you would get from grandma. I’ve experienced “You’re going to ruin your children’s childhood!” comments.

Here’s what this courageous woman wrote. 

“ I am doing this [not celebrating Christmas/celebrating Biblical Holidays] for the first this year. Would you mind sharing some ideas with me on how to make them fun for kids and how to explain why we don’t do the others?”

I replied with some suggestions. Again, there was no judgment of others positions. There was no sharing of reasons why others should do this as well. I hadn’t realized her comment had already been deleted. It had shown up in my email notifications. Moments after I posted the following, my comment was also deleted.

This ebook has activities for kids for all the biblical holidays. I had to pick and choose to fit our theology but it’s a great resource. http://heartofwisdom.com/blog/product/a-family-guide-to-the-biblical-holidays/ The site also has a free Passover lap book. I have just shared honestly with my kids what I’ve learned in my own studies and what the Bible says. They are very open to honest explanations.”

That’s it. No theological raking over the coals. No criticizing others positions. It was a response to another mom’s question. Why the quick censorship?

The page administrator wrote immediately:

“Just an admin reminder that we’re tabling all discussions on why TO or NOT TO celebrate Christmas — but everyone is welcome to post your creative ideas/activities that reflect how your family approaches this [Christmas] season. Thanks!”

Okay. I realize the administrator has a right to delete whatever she wants. The curious thing is neither I nor the mom posting the question wrote anything about why to or not to celebrate Christmas. But apparently we triggered some uncomfortable button to get this quick reaction.

How can we grow when we can't speak freely (1)

This is a site to explore how we grow and why we change or don’t change in our journey of life. One thing I’ve observed is when topics come up that are tied to emotional experiences, the barriers come up – quickly. Even when no one is trying to convince you of anything. There’s this visceral reaction. The question warrants asking. Is this a healthy response? How can we grow when we can’t even have a discussion or let others share their point of view.

This is not the post where I want to start a discussion on whether Christians should or should not celebrate Christmas. However, I certainly welcome any and all comments of those who want to explore how to make the transition from one place to another. You won’t be censored. That’s a promise!

Our lives are a constant flow of taking in information, investigating it, processing it and either staying stagnant or growing. When we stop the flow, at any stage – we cannot grow, in any direction. When we stop someone else’s attempt to investigate and process, we may indirectly stop their growth as well. Let’s open the flood gates to our spiritual growth and encourage each other along the way.

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  • I just read 3 of your posts and am very impressed with your transparency and willingness to grow. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more.