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3 Benefits of Activated Charcoal Powder and Capsules

3 Benefits of Activated Charcoal Powder and Capsules

Part of anyone’s life journey is the path of health or sickness. Our choices are influenced by the experiences along this journey and the information we gather. I love telling people about the amazing benefits of activated charcoal and how it has positively affected my health and well-being. Below are 3 ways activated charcoal has helped me, my family and friends. There are many more uses for activated charcoal, but this is a beginning.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is an amazing natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals in the body. It flushes them out so they can’t harm you. Emergency rooms across the country use it to treat poisoning and drug overdoses. This is precisely why I keep activated charcoal in my cupboard of natural remedies. The food grade form of activated charcoal comes in capsule and powdered form.

Never Leave Home Without It

I never travel without activated charcoal and always have it at home in powdered and capsule form. It’s benefits have blessed me on multiple occasions. Here are three stories from my life where activated charcoal played a leading role.


Eye-Infection Treated with Activated Charcoal Powder

When my first-born was less that a year old, he got an eye infection. It was gooey, red and irritating him. The trouble is we were on a road trip and far from our regular doctor. The friend we were staying with along our journey suggesting putting a charcoal poultice on his eye. She mixed up a paste using activated charcoal powder and water and wrapped it in gauze. We put it on his eye and wrapped a bandage around his head to keep it in place. I thought he’d pull it right off. The bandage covered part of his other eye as well. Surprisingly, he actually laid down and went right to sleep. He must have thought, “Hmm? It’s so dark! Time to go to sleep!” In the morning his eye was noticeably better and he recovered fully in another day with no antibiotics. That was the beginning of my love of activated charcoal.

Insect Stings Treated with Activated Charcoal Powder

My mother-in-law also has a fondness of activated charcoal. She had used charcoal to heal foot infections and help with insect bites. One evening I had an unfortunate encounter with a scorpion in my garage. Walking barefoot across the cold cement, I stepped on a scorpion who promptly stung me. Wow! The pain was intense and sent me hopping and hobbling quickly into the house. Immediately I took out the charcoal powder, made a charcoal poultice and taped it on my foot. Within 15 minutes I had significant relief. The next morning, you could barely see the sting site and the pain was gone.

Activated Charcoal Capsules for Food Poisoning

Multiple times I have taken activated charcoal when experiencing food borne illness (aka food poisoning). This is way more common than many believe. My food science professor in college would often say, “There is no such thing as the stomach flu! It is almost always a food borne illness.” Now, if I feel the very beginnings of an upset stomach or intestinal cramping I take a couple capsules of activated charcoal right away. Usually the symptoms subside within an hour. Even when they persist they are milder than what I know they could be.

This knowledge and experience came in handy when a motorcyclist buddy of my husband was staying with us. They were planning to embark the next morning for California on their motorcycles – a 1,000+ mile trip. However, this friend was terribly sick from something he had eaten at a restaurant. No way was he fit to ride. He was sticking close to the bathroom! I gave him a few capsules of activated charcoal which he was glad to take in his desperate situation. The next morning he could not believe he felt so well. He was amazed how quickly the benefits activated charcoal kicked in. His symptoms were gone and they took off on their journey as scheduled.

Now, I keep activated charcoal in my cosmetic travel bag so I’m never without it on a trip. A few tablespoons of powdered activated charcoal goes in a double plastic zip lock bag and some capsules go in another bag. The benefits of activated charcoal in powder and capsule form are many. I have more stories I’ll save for another day.

Note: don’t take activated charcoal within 90 minutes of taking any prescription medication as it can prevent absorption of that medication.

What to Buy?

There are many companies offering activated charcoal. The main thing to consider is that it is food grade. Look for activated charcoal made from hard words, coconut shells or other natural resources. It’s important to note that activated charcoal is not the charcoal used on the barbecue grill! Do not consume that kind of charcoal as it is loaded with chemicals and toxins and is not for human consumption.

What Kind of Activated Charcoal Powder to Buy

These are a few suggestions from many options.

What Kind of Activated Charcoal Capsules to Buy

These are few suggestions from many options.


Stock Your Natural Remedy Cabinet

Stock your natural remedy cabinet with activated charcoal today. When you need it, you need it fast. Better to have some on hand than to be frantically running to the store in the middle of a medical emergency. I’ll never be without, if I can help it!

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